Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Sentinel

The Sentinel
By: Jacob Owens

Hopefully by me writing down my dreams past, present and future. It would or will some how give me the chance to put all my dreams and nightmares into a storyline, book, and script or maybe even a movie. That’s how Stephen King got started… Right!

This is how this nightmare got started…
(The Dream Sequence)

I was asleep when I was awakened to go to the bathroom to do the usual thing. I entered the bathroom, I heard a noise and I suddenly forgot what I went into the bathroom for. I turned and walked into the hallway, and there I was standing… cold, moist, and partially wet. There was a stench of mold and mildew reeking from the air. And voices coming from my bedroom. When I entered my bedroom I was over whelmed with the scent of roses and as I looked around I saw people, family and friends that have died and passed on. I wanted to ask if they have gone to Heaven or Hell, but I was afraid to ask. They looked like they did before they died. The older people were as young as myself. It was weird because the friends that I once had and the people in my family did not know each other. They all were carrying on conversations like they have known each other for years and years. It scared and shocked me to the point where all I could think of was turning my back to them, closing my eyes and say “This is all a dream. All I have to do is wake up. Come on, wake up. You can do it. Wake up!” to myself. I tried to imagine that they weren’t there, but it was no use. All I could think of was to run like hell. I then started running down the hallway which had become stretched long and far. And it seamed the harder and fast I ran the longer the hallway became. Then, the living room door slowly creeped open and a shadow slowly entered into the door way, then a head rolled in, in between the legs of the shadow person that stood in the doorway. I was stuck there in the spot I was in. There was nowhere left for me to run. Nowhere for me to go. Nowhere left for me to hide. I ran to the corner of the living room near the couch, there was an end table with a lamp on it, I sat down there curled up and yelling. I then mustard up enough nerve to look up and everything was gone. Quite. Lifeless. I stood up, walked around the house, looked in my mother bedroom, she was sound asleep. I looked in my bedroom and everything seemed okay. I walked back into the living room; I opened the front door and looked out onto the porch both ways, things still appeared to be fine. Just then something, some kind of force pushed me out on to the porch. Once on the porch it got unbearably hot from heat. I did not know where the heat came from. Just as I was looking around to determine where the heat was coming from I saw demons. Little demons they stood about 2 1/2 to 3 feet tall. The demons were dancing, giggling and laughing around the outside of the porch floating on air. Some of the demons were crying from the torture of hell. Then all of as sudden I awakened from another dream.

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