Thursday, May 13, 2010

Days of Future's Past

High School Reunion Days
By: Jacob Owens

In the past I’ve always had dreams about being back in school. Sometimes I will remember being back in elementary school in Ms. Haley’s, Mr. Jackson’s or even Mr. Williams’ class.
I think these were the only teachers that left a lasting impression on me, not that I did anything significant in or with my life. I mean, come on now. I haven’t done or become what I have dreamt about becoming. I’m not a model or an actor. I’m not a writer (by that I mean I haven’t written a major book or screen play) or even a dancer for that fact. Then there Ms. Andress, my very favorite teacher. I think it was after summer school, when she divorced her husband. She left school one year as Ms. Andress, and then she returned the next year as Ms. Wilson.

I don’t know what day it was or what made me even have this dream about being back in school. High school even, especially in Mr. King’s World History class (I think I should add to this story ‘not that it has anything to do with the story’ I saw Mr. King at the time one of the local gay clubs in downtown Oakland named Cable’s). Anyways, back to the story in hand. In my dream as I said, I was in Mr. King’s World History class, which was my first period class. It was me and my play sister Ena, and a couple of other people I did not know. One thing I’ll never know is why people dream about people they have never met before. Maybe, this is some sort of sign saying I need to go back to school or something. Maybe, it’s a type of sign showing me that I never achieved in school what I wished I have achieved. I wish in school I was smarter, applied myself and stayed focus. I wished I would have worked harder, stayed in class and not cut all the time. I wish I had gotten better grades. I merely did what I needed to do to get by. What is it! What can I do to stop having these damn dreams about being back in school?

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