Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Long Journey

The Long Journey
By: Jacob Owens

It was Saturday, April 22nd, 1995, when Roslyn, Tonnie and Heather teamed up with Ron, Hallie, Tyrone and Darrian. They ran across the corn field. They had to walk through the corn field to get to the other side. As they got to the other side…

“How did we get here?”
Roslyn had asked.

“I don’t know?”
Darrian replied.

Everyone looking around at each other. Looking dazed and confused. Unsure and unclear on what happened and how they got in the place they are in. Everyone just stood there, standing. Not know how or why they got there. They only knew that they had somewhere or someplace to get to.

“How did we get here?”
Tyrone asked.

“Where did you come from?”
Tonnie responded to Tyrone.

The walk they took was long, hard and not to mention tiring. After hours and hours of walking and hiking they came across a picnic area, everyone felt like it was the place they were supposed to be. There was a clothesline near one of the picnic tables with sheets aligned across the whole line. A gust of wind began blowing wildly, and then all of a sudden it stopped. And as Hallie listened she could hear water. She and Tyrone began walking towards were the sound was coming from. There they found another line of clothes and back beyond that, they saw a stream of river. The water was as blue as the sky and as clear as drinking water. Roslyn walked up to the clothesline and pulled it back, she saw the stream of water running upwards in stead of the normal downwards stream, As she looked up past the river of water she saw a large ran down house. Heather and Tonnie ran up to meet with Roslyn. Tonnie then looked back at the river and the most horrifying thing happened. She say was baby doll dressed in a white gown with a bonnet around her head and a rope tied around the baby’s neck and the baby was floating face down in the water. Tonnie yelled and everyone gather around her to see the horrifying image. They all then ran across the river, some ran faster than other, they all ran as fast and as hard as they could, but they all ran making sure each other had gotten across.

They all met up at the run down house that was in the middle of nowhere, which appeared to be strange, but no one seemed to care, they just wanted help to get out of the place that we were magnetically taken to without force. We all ran up these stairs, Tyrone and Ron knocked and banged on the front doors but no one ever answered the doors. Roslyn, Tonnie, Heather, Ron, Hallie, Tyrone and Darrian looked all around the house. They went to every window on the very large porch that wrapped around the whole house.

“Hey guys?”
Heather yelled to everyone.

“I see people? I see people walking around in here?”
Heather continued to yell while looking through one of the windows of the house.

Everyone yelled and screamed into the windows of the house.

No one in the house heard them yelling. No one in the house heard them screaming. Nor did anyone in the house hear them banging on the windows. It was like they could not even see and hear us screaming to them; even though, the windows in the house were wide open.

Roslyn shouted out.

Hallie screamed.

“They can’t hear us?”
Heather said to Hallie.

“What! Why?”
Ron screamed out along with Hallie.

“I don’t know?”
Tyrone hollered out.

Hallie continued to scream.

Both, Darrian and Tonnie shouted.

Still no one heard them. The people appeared to be trapped in the house. We were not sure how or why they were trapped in the house. We didn’t know if they were trapped by something, someone or if they were trapped in by some type of force. We all started yelling, hollering and shouting again, one last time. But still they could not hear us through the glass windows and doors…

Just then, I woke up to find it was all a dream. Why is it that we have dreams or nightmares about things, people or places that have nothing to do with you? Why is it we dream about people we have never met? Why are those people mixed into the same dreams or nightmares with the people you love?

Thank God, it was only just a dream.

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