Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Earthquake

The Earthquake
By: Jacob Owens

I can barely remember what this unrealistic nightmare was all about, but it was definitely unlike any dream or nightmare I have ever had before in my life. It was all about an earthquake.

It all started when my family and I went to our families church (Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church). I can’t remember if it was a regular Sunday church service or some special church event. Homecoming, fellowship or something like that, but I know we were at church. Pastor Cannon was preaching a sermon. The church members were was praising the Lord’s word and then suddenly, I look over and there out of nowhere my niece Shalina appeared. She sat to the left of me, and then to the right of her was an embryo. Each time I would look at Shalina then glance back over to the embryo it would get older and older looking, progressing in age. The embryo had gotten older to the age six or seven years old. I looked back over at my niece, and then suddenly the embryo jumped up from the seat and ran out of the church. I then chased her out of the church as well. I ran through the double doors that separated the church pulpit and the church waiting lobby. After running through the double doors of the church I entered into a mall. I wasn’t quite sure what mall I was in or where the mall was. I saw the embryo run down the hall of the mall. I took chase after her again. I ended up in the center of the mall where I lost chase. I somehow forgot why and how I had gotten there because I was mesmerized by all the things that I saw.

Everything was made out of glass. The floors, the walls, the counters in all the department stores. Everything was glass, you could see straight through everything. Right in the middle of the floor in the mall was a fish tank and in the fish tank there were white rocks at the bottom of this fish tank. There were also the most beautiful, the greenest plants I have ever seen. There was something weird and strange about the way the fish were swimming in the tank. The fish were swimming around the tank in circles, in the order of the food chain line like; biggest, bigger, big, medium, small and smallest. As I was in not so much aw, but in a state of stuck, that’s when the earthquake happened. The ground began to shake; the building began to sway back and forth. People began to scream, shout and yell. Glass fell from the sky, but not from broken glass, the glass was falling from the sky. The glass was cutting off people’s arms and leg’s. People were getting stabbed in the face, neck and stomach. I quickly took cover. I got under a metal door way near an exit sign by the fish tank. I looked at all the people running. Just then I noticed the fish tank. All the fish were dead, and the water was boiling. I could hear cars outside screeching and crashing into each other. People continue to scream and yell. People grabbed and held close to one another. Parents grabbed their babies and children.

People grabbed their dogs and small animals. Boyfriends held tight to girlfriends. Husbands and wives held each other closely for dear life not know if they would survive the earth quake. There were people running in every direction possible. It was like every man was for themselves. There were some people helping the elderly and disabled, the rest just fled for themselves. I just stood there, helpless, watching. I couldn’t move. My mind was telling me legs and feet to move. Nothing! I was stiff as a board. I could not let go of the place my feet were stuck in. I just watched in horror. I wasn’t even able to shut my eyes nor could I blink. I wasn’t able to find anyone I have came to church with. My family, my friends, I wasn’t able to find anyone. I wasn’t even able to find the door I had come in through. All I could do is witness the destruction of this glass mall, killing and injuring people. All this misery. All this destruction. All this devastation, this earth quake has caused to the people and community. Outside I could her buildings falling down and collapsing. Destroying other buildings, cars and trucks. The ground opened up. People, children, dogs, cats, cars, trucks fell into the black hole. Houses caught fire. Bridges fell in. Freeways and highways gave way and collapsed. Then I heard a roar of thunder and lighting. It began to storm. Thunder, lighting, hail the sized of quarters began pounding the ground everywhere. The fog that rolled in was thick. The rain was so intense and poured down so hard that it will bruise you. The rain water was very warm. The street began to become flooded. It washed away all the destruction and devastation. Then with a snap of your finger’s there was peace and quite.

The sun appeared, and everything was calm. It was like nothing ever happened. The sun was so shinny and bright. It was like a sun we have never seen or had before. It rose over the hillsides and trees. It shined bright as ever before. I could hear in the distance a new born baby crying. A new baby entering this new life. This new world. Just then, I awakened from yet another dream.

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