Friday, October 11, 2013

Oh, Hey Fitz: Tony Goldwyn WWD’s ‘M’ Fall 2013 Interview

By Danielle Kwateng @danispecialk on October 8, 2013, 9:00am
Tony Goldwyn Scandal – interview

Everything we needed to know about Tony Goldwyn we read in WWD M magazine’s recent interview with the “Scandal” star. Having come from a strong lineage of Hollywood men, the classically trained actor talks about his upbringing and current projects outside of the hit ABC show.

For the spread, Goldwyn wore a mix of American, British and Italian designers –Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Giorgio Armani– looking straight out of a “Old Spice” ad. Debonaire with his sleek brush back, strong jaw line, and piercing eyes, it’s no wonder that the 53-year-old has become America’s newest .

On his electrifying chemistry with Kerry Washington:
“Our sex scenes are really intense. But so is our relationship. For Kerry and me, it’s no different than doing an emotional scene. It’s just more awkward, almost in the anticipation of it. Once we start doing it, we commit. You’re lost in the scene.. Kerry and I connect on a lot of levels.”
On how his wife of 26 years feels about his role:
“My wife’s cool. She’s in the business, I’ve been doing this a long time. Jane’s thrilled for the success of the show, and we’re all professionals, you know.”
On his relationship with his grandfather:
“I was almost 14 when he died. He was very old—he was 94—when he died, but we were really close, yeah. I think I share certain aesthetic sensibilities with him. This is a guy who walked from Poland and made his way to America on foot, with one suit of clothing, at age 15. He was a tough son of a Beyotch. And the most charming man ever.”
On how his grandfather would feel about him playing the president:
“I think he’d be really thrilled and proud at that, because he would think it had stature, and he would be excited about the career I’ve forged for myself. Because my grandfather was a survivor. He overcame extraordinary adversity. He understood that this is a business of surviving and hanging in there.”

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