Monday, October 14, 2013

A New 'Star Wars' Villain Has Been Revealed!

Move Over, Vader: New 'Star Wars' Villain Revealed!
By Robert Chan

 It says "Rebels" in the title, but make no mistake about it: We're here to see the Empire.

This weekend at New York Comic Con, we got a first look at the new animated TV series "Star Wars Rebels" (debuting on Disney XD in 2014) with a video of "Rebels" executive producer Dave Filoni revealing a number of new/old designs (many are based on original, unseen work from the '70s) for Stormtroopers, Imperials, ships and walkers.

But the biggest reveal was The Inquisitor. "Tasked by Darth Vader to hunt down the remaining Jedi Knights," he bears a lot of resemblance to Darth Maul, the only character killed off way too soon in the prequels. (Imagine how much less whining those movies would have had if Anakin had just wiped out in the pod race.) He even has what looks to be like a double-bladed lightsaber. But his black outfit also suggests he visited Vader's tailor before heading out for some Jedi bashing.

The Empire are such amazing villains — most of the time, we think of them as the rubes who let their Death Star get blown up twice — but we still love them. Filoni says. "When we were at Celebration Europe, the Star Destroyer version from 'Rebels' came up and it got the biggest cheer out of everything we showed. And it really showed me how much fans loved the Empire. They're great bad guys."

Fans are already sharing their diverse opinions on the new baddie. One fan on wrote, "I hate to say this so soon, but the Inquisitor guy sounds like a knockoff of Starkiller," while another added, "I'm a bit concerned while trying to remain excited. I was hoping the show would focus on Vader himself hunting down the Jedi, and I don't want there to be so many Jedi around the time of ANH since Tarkin says they are 'all extinct.'"

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