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Olga Kurylenko Rumored as New Wonder Woman

Olga Kurylenko Rumored as New Wonder Woman

Olga Kurylenko (Photo by:

Ask any film buff to list some female movie stars who have played Bond Girls, and one would probably be surprised at the list of names people could produce. However, if anyone spouted the name of the Bond Girl in Quantum of Solace, the world would be surprised.

Despite not being a household name, Olga Kurylenko has starred in several well-known and well-received movies in her brief acting career: Paris, Je’Taime, Hitman, Max Payne, Quantum of Solace, Centurion, To the Wonder, Seven Psychopaths, and Oblivion. Now, the 33 year-old actress is rumored to be testing for the role of Wonder Woman.

According to insider, The Phantom, Kurylenko is one of the front-runners to become the next Wonder Woman on the big screen.
The rumor mill concerning the involvement of Wonder Woman in Zachary Snyder’s Batman vs. Superman started earlier this month when it was reported that Thor 2: The Dark World’s Lady Sif, Jaimie Alexander, was in talks with Warner Bros.:


Alexander had also recently spoken publicly about her desire to see Wonder Woman return to the big screen, although her endorsement came with certain reservations:

“You know, let’s talk about this for a second: you’ve got very few female superheroes that are dominating films these days, unless they’re in a skintight outfit and their boobs are pushed up to their chin. And it’s not OK. It’s not. There needs to be a positive role model. If you’re going to make Wonder Woman, make it like The Bourne Supremacy. You know, let’s do something awesome like that. Alias was a fantastic show. Why can’t we do that? Why does she have to be in hot pants and spandex and all this stuff? And yeah, I get it, it’s visually stunning for…half of people. But at least make her grow a pair. All she does is eat ice cream while she’s crying over a boy. I know it never aired but that’s what the script said.”

Wonder Woman is not the only thing on Olga Kurylenko’s radar, however. The Ukrainian-born actress has been a hot commodity lately. Currently, Kurylenko is working with the Waldorf-Astoria on a commercial campaign in which she portrays a world-traveler’s experiences visiting the Waldorf-Astoria.

Kurylenko was also recently cast in the lead role of a new supernatural/horror film entitled Mara. The film is being directed and produced by Myles Nestle of The Solution Entertainment Group, Steven Schneider of Room 101 (Paranormal and Insidious), and James Edward Barker and Scott Mann of Mann Made Films. In Mara, Kurylenko plays the role of a criminal psychologist who is attempting to save a victim’s daughter and herself from being killed by a demon which attacks people in their sleep. The film is meant to explore the mythology and legends behind sleep paralysis and Sudden Unexpected Nocturnal Death Syndrome (SUNDS).

With those projects, along with several others on her plate, Kurylenko may not have time to devote toward recreating Wonder Woman. All we know at this point is that regardless of who is cast, Batman vs. Superman is going to be amazing

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